Consumer Electronics

You've developed a truly attractive, innovative, and competitive product, but no one seems to be interested in it? Maybe this is simply due to an unfortunate translation of your product's documentation. Think about it: If the bewildered customers gets their hackles up by just reading the package text and the frustrated product testers decide to dispose of the cryptic manual and do something reasonable instead you might not be able to yield the fruits of success. And all this after you've invested a whole lot of efforts, energy and – last but not least – money in the development and production of your product!


Well then, maybe this is the moment to stop, consider, and refrain from accepting suspiciously cheap translation offers or even machine-generated translation scripts and to contact me to discuss the translational prerequisites. Let's take a look at your product's documentation and existing software strings, discuss what we can do to emphasize the advantages of your product, and arrange the user interface and documentation texts in a clear and comprehensible manner – in source AND target language.


The printed and virtual product documentation represents the first impression of your product, and the effect of this first impression is almost irreversible. After all, who likes to buy a product that remains a mystery even at second glance? So, if the product testers are already getting grumpy when reading the table of contents of the product documentation, their assessment of your product might turn out to be very unsatisfactory – despite all of its advantages and finesse.


The one-time costs for a translation are straightforward calculable. The consequences of an unfortunate first appearance – especially when massively and rapidly distributed via the internet – are definitely unforeseeable.


I'm looking forward to getting to know your product and your translation needs. In the meantime, I will take great joy in finding such gems of technical translations (please click on the image to enlarge and fully):

Btw: This product represents a DVD, replaying an infinite loop of a chimney fire and featuring optionally selectable ambient music (dinner and polar bear fur are not part of the product features).